Gerry Gavigan

After a year at Glasgow Drama school learning stage management , Gerry joined the theatre. While working in London’s West End the actor, Sir Alec Guiness, encouraged him to join the film industry where he has spent his career working as an Assistant Director engaged on such productions as diverse as Star Wars, 8 James Bond films, Troy, Tomb Raider, and Game of Thrones, and currently in the cinema “A Street Cat Named Bob”

Landscape photography came about, while on a round the world shoot to make TV commercials for Singapore Airlines the producers asked Gerry to shoot landscapes to bolster the videos

Gerry has always been interested in social and street photography immersing himself with the homeless, Inuit (Canada), gypsies,(Ireland), cowboys (Australia), refugees, oil workers (Azerbaijan) Tibetans (Ladakh, Zanskar)

After travelling in over 60 countries Gerry is now working on a project called “Homefront’ to photograph the people of Britain.




Inuit of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

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